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This image is of a male electronic engineering research student in a lab doing some project work.
We have a range of specialist facilities that are available to researchers, organisations, businesses, and individuals to use in the research and development of new products and services.

Use of the labs and resources is often combined with consultancy from our experts enabling you to get the greatest benefit from your time in our state-of-the-art facilities.

ESSEXLab - hosting social science experiments

ESSEXLab is a purpose-built facility to host social science experiments. Housed in our Social Science Research Centre it enables researchers to run experiments to gain insight into issues such as how people make decisions, how they interact with a survey tool and how different presentations of stimuli affect response rate and form. The lab is available for hire to commercial and charitable organisations.

ESSEXLab Mobile is also available, enabling experiments and information-gathering in natural settings such as workplaces or on the street.

Digital Lifestyles Centre - interactions between people and technology

Our Digital Lifestyles Centre carries out research within the framework of a Living Lab. It aims to aid the development of innovative technologies by enabling you to monitor and record how people interact with new technologies within natural living spaces.

The range of intelligent environments the DLC hosts includes the iSpace, iClassroom and iCampus which are available to hire to assist your business in the research and development of new products.

Human Performance Unit

The Human Performance Unit looks after the training needs of athletes and has worked with sportsmen and women from all levels, including Olympic and Paralympic medallists, professional sportsmen and teams and numerous endurance athletes.

The unit's labs and facilities are world class and a range of sports testing and coaching services are offered to help you achieve peak performance.

Centre for Brain Science

Our Centre for Brain Science opened in 2009 and is purpose-built to house state-of-the-art equipment that allows researchers to directly observe, measure and modulate brain activity. It also hosts a range of equipment to measure eye movements and various indices of physiological response.

Our Department of Psychology also has a variety of other labs for psychological research available.