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To address global challenges, it is necessary to understand human behaviour, and for that you need a testing facility with capacity that is adaptive and agile.

Our Behavioural Science Lab is an essential testing facility providing state-of-the-art technology that transforms research and research-led education.

The Behavioural Science Lab is designed to give researchers the greatest degree of control over their study environment and measurement, so they can be confident of their results.


  • Specialist biometric equipment including eye tracking, heart rate monitoring and emotion recognition software.
  • 32 computer terminals with noise-cancelling headphones for controlled experiments.
  • 32 mobile lab devices for in-field experiments.
  • A dedicated team of managerial and support staff.
  • A subject pool of over 2,000 participants ready to participate in experiments.

Proven results

Our Behavioural Science Lab offers researchers, businesses and other external partners testing opportunities that are unmatched. It has contributed to our reputation for excellence in research, helping researchers secure large grants from the British Academy, the Economic and Social Research Council, the Leverhulme Trust and Horizon 2020.

As well as Essex researchers, academics from around the world have benefitted from conducting their experiments in our Lab, including academics from the European University Institute, Gothenburg University and the University of California Davis.

Patrick Lown
“If you want access to the best space in the UK for experimental behavioural science, supported by an excellent lab team, and with access to a wide range of interdisciplinary expertise and several major research council-funded research institutes, then Essex is the place to come.”
Dr Patrick Lown Manager, Behavioural Science Lab
Close up of a lab assistant attaching electrodes to the tips of another person's fingers
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