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What we do

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Understanding human behaviour can help us design better policies, products and services, and improve outcomes in a range of fields.

Behavioural science at Essex is multidisciplinary, with researchers making an impact across science and health, social sciences and the arts and humanities.

At their fingertips are exceptional testing facilities open to all, opportunities to collaborate, support to access funding for research and development, and major social science projects collecting data about peoples’ lives.

Professor Chris Greer
"Our behavioural science offer is unparalleled, with a critical mass of multidisciplinary researchers studying human judgement, decision-making,emotion, behaviour and cognition, uniquely combined with exceptional testing facilities.”
Professor Chris Greer Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research

Our vision

Understanding human behaviour is crucial in dealing with vast challenges, such as the spread of misinformation, digital safeguarding and climate change.

Dr Dennie van Dolder, Director of the Centre for Behavioural Science, has outlined his vision.

Dr Dennie van Dolder
“Our Centre for Behavioural Science is part of an ambitious strategy to increase our capacity to support research of the highest quality. It enables researchers across the University to tackle global challenges using robust experimental evidence and offers fresh opportunities to external partners who can benefit from our world-leading expertise.”
Dr Dennie van Dolder Director of the Centre for Behavioural Science
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