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Our Behavioural Science Lab is designed to give you the greatest degree of control over their study environment and measurement, so you can be confident in your results.

Choosing our Lab gives you access to a database of over 2,000 participants, where you can filter participants by characteristics such as gender, race or age. Whilst we specialise in and encourage experimental research, we also welcome other study designs.

Depending on how much support you need, our experienced laboratory team can help you design and run an experiment or can leave you to work independently. Our full-time Manager will be on hand to support you.

How to apply to conduct a study

1. Read our policies

Before you apply please familiarise yourself with the Behavioural Science Lab policy document (.pdf).

Please take care to read the policy as there are some restrictions to which your study might be subject to. Some examples include:

  • No use of deception
  • Respecting minimum payment guidelines
  • Respecting scheduling and lab use procedures
  • Ensuring a researcher is present during data collection 

2. Non-university users will need to agree to a contract

Users from outside of the university community will need to agree a contract with the laboratory. This contract will formalise your agreed usage and cost, whilst providing you with reassurance of the excellent level of service and value for money you can expect to receive from Behavioural Science Lab.

Your contract will discuss the following:

  • Your agreed payment for laboratory hire
  • Your access to Laboratory Assistants
  • Your participant payments

Currently our external charge-out rate for the use of Behavioural Science Lab is £165 per hour.

In order to discuss your contract please contact the Laboratory Manager: plown@essex.ac.uk.

3. Apply to conduct a study

Once you have read our laboratory policies and if applicable agreed a contract, you are now ready to submit your application through our online form. The form takes less than 10 minutes to complete and gives us the important details we need to set up your study.

Please also take a moment to review our lab calendar in order to gain an oversight of lab availability. Once your application has been approved, timings will need to be discussed and confirmed with the Laboratory Manager: plown@essex.ac.uk.


View the Behavioural Science Lab calendar

5. After you study has been accepted

Once your application has been reviewed by the Laboratory Manager and approved, you will receive an invitation from us to join Basecamp.

Basecamp is a project management software which we will use throughout the course of your study to help run your project as efficiently and as smoothly as possible.

Not from the University of Essex?

Not a problem. Our Behavioural Science Lab welcomes researchers from both inside and outside Essex. Whether you are an individual researcher or part of a large organisation or business, we can help you to conduct a successful study using world class facilities.

Check out our research solutions.

Are you ready to apply?

Once you have gathered your materials and received ethical consent, you can apply to conduct your study using our online application form. Once complete, sit back and we'll take care of the rest.

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