Business Context

Profusion is a data consultancy that specialises in predictive modelling, email marketing, business intelligence and customer satisfaction.

At their core, they help clients to grow their businesses with data and AI – whether that involves increasing customer engagement and sales, optimising their operations and upskilling business leaders, or simply learning more about what their customers want.

Prior to the partnership with Essex, Profusion was already implementing off-shelf AI products for advanced marketing solutions to clients but were confident that a bespoke solution would notably increase their value to clients. This would also help them in their journey from digital marketing agency to data science and marketing services consultancy.

Research solution

Through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Essex, Profusion was able to draw on academic expertise from Department of Maths to expand the company’s data science capability, by developing cutting edge data science techniques using statistics and machine learning.

As the KTP evolved it became focused on the goal of developing the Profusion’s first bespoke data science led product, AI Marketer, for predicting customer behaviour based on email marketing. Together with academics, Profusion would explore and develop the best mathematical approaches to create the modules within this new product.

Natalie Cramp CEO of Profusion
"The University of Essex has been a critical partner to Profusion, and we wouldn't be where we are today without them. Having professors accessible to us, and being able to learn from the latest academic insights and take those into our services and products for clients has been transformational."
Natalie Cramp CEO Profusion

Business value

Today Profusion is a data science and marketing services consultancy, with the KTP helping to accelerate the process of making data science a cornerstone of what they offer.

The AI Marketer product developed through the partnership has delivered a suite of modules that empower marketers to use AI and data science to predict three main things: customer churn, propensity to purchase and customer lifetime value. This has moved Profusion from being a services-only company to a hybrid services and products company with the KTP being the catalyst for that change.

The success of the first KTP has led to the development of a second KTP between Essex and Profusion to embed Natural Language Processing capacity and help build commercialisation capacity for the AI Marketer product. They are now drawing on expertise from the University’s School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering and Essex Business School alongside the Department of Maths to develop the product further.

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Innovate UK funding

Essex has successfully secured more Innovate UK KTP funding than any other university in the East of England or London (and we're number 1 in the UK). You could access around £150k through this program or equally partner with us on a Smart grant and secure up to £3m to work with a consortia on your project. Essex will lead the entire process and have a sector-leading track record at winning this funding. All projects are commercially driven and underpinned by world class research from Essex.

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