Commissioned and collaborative research projects with businesses

Commissioned and collaborative research

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We'll provide you with academics who have a rigorous, unbiased approach and will use their expertise and experience to offer you:

  • innovative perspectives on the challenges facing your organisation
  • insights into new concepts, products and processes
  • ideas for diversification and new ways to manage your business


How it works

You can work with us in one of two ways.

  1. If you need research in an area that you don't have expertise in yourself, or simply don't have sufficient resource to commit to a project, commission us to conduct a research project for you.
  2. Your experts can collaborate with ours on strategic, funded projects of significance to your industry.

Commissioned research

You can commission our University's researchers to work on specific problems or opportunities. We have expertise in a number of key areas that allows us to deliver real benefits to businesses of all types and sizes, across a range of sectors.

Collaborative research

Collaborative research projects involve at least two collaborators, one of which is your business. They are funded by a range of organisations including research councils, trusts, charities and Innovate UK. These organisations support universities and industry to work together on strategically significant projects. We have a great deal of experience of working on collaborative projects and can help you access funding.

Our clients

  • BT
  • Honda
  • Intel
  • HSBC
  • Signal Media
  • Port of Felixstowe
  • Unilever
  • UK Department of Health
  • UK Department of Work and Pensions

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