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Bespoke trustworthy AI solutions for Professional Services

Access world-leading academic expertise to deliver trustworthy AI-based solutions designed for your business challenges.

For over 50 years, Essex has been the intellectual home of the world’s leading experts in data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Recently, we've created a new AI For Services hub to bring together leading academics from across the University to design bespoke solutions for the professional services industry.  

AI can deliver real and tangible benefits for your business. From performing and accelerating repetitive tasks to cyber security to accurately predicting and acting on workloads and employee needs, we can help find the right resource and solution for you.

Simply tell us the biggest business challenge you’re facing and use our specialised AI For Services expertise to strengthen and optimise your business through trustworthy and reliable AI, designed to improve competitiveness, productivity, and performance.

We will also help you secure collaboration funding and manage innovative projects to make your business better. Smarter. Faster.

Essex leads on KTPs
  • We're number 1 in the UK for the number of Innovate UK funded Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)
  • We have 40 active KTPs across eight academic departments
  • Our KTP portfolio is worth £10million

Areas of expertise that could transform your business

Advanced Analytics

Analyse, understand and visualise your data to inform agile decision making with a greater degree of confidence; enabling you to optimise your operations to gain a competitive advantage. 

Computer Vision and Image Classification

Automate classification and deliver high-level understanding from images or videos to accelerate processes and reduce manual inputs, freeing staff to take on more value-added responsibilities.

Transparent and Ethical AI

Enhance transparency and increase trustworthiness in your AI-based products. Make your underlying business values explicit, increase customer confidence and create a strong evidence base for deploying trustworthy AI.

Machine Learning

Leverage data to improve performance, building methods that 'learn' to deliver and act on workload and customer needs to offer fee certainty with high-quality services. ML can also achieve specific objectives such as fraud detection, automated trading, enhanced risk management and other business benefits.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Text analytics and knowledge discovery to increase accuracy and interpret unstructured data leading to an improved understanding of your information with the ability to streamline processes, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and better understand your market.

Cyber Security

Remove fear of data breaches to enhance trust within the business and from clients. Protect your data and networks with AI that becomes more intelligent over time, helping you to identify known and unknown threats.

Data Literacy

Upskill your workforce to deliver the likes of improved decision making, innovation, productivity and an entrepreneurial mindset; empowering them to deliver in a smarter and faster way.

Predictive Modelling

Efficiently utilise data to predict and forecast outcomes to gain real-time insight, improve customer service levels and make efficiency savings. Identify different groups of customers for targeted analysis, precision marketing and behavioural prediction.

Automation and Optimisation

Automate processes to deliver, for example, touchless claims processing, AI fraud detection and pattern recognition. Then optimise these processes to deliver further improvements and deliver commercial benefits with minimal risk.

Meet some of our partners

We help businesses to innovate across a wide range of industry sectors including health, finance, insurance, logistics, manufacturing, construction, agriculture and many more. 

Find out more about how we've collaborated with our partners to deliver bespoke AI solutions for their businesses.

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