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Euphrose, Joseph and Gabby's story

Euphrose, Joseph and Gabby smiling and sitting in the squares at the University of Essex

"Anything negative is not in our vocabulary and that’s what we promote in our society. "


I’m the President of the Believers Loveworld Essex Society. We hold regular services on campus including three bible study classes a week and a Sunday service. We’re really focused on giving people an understanding of what the bible actually means, how it’s relatable to them and how it’s practical. We’re very, very open and we welcome everybody – you don’t only have to be a Christian. 

Anyone who is just curious about who God is, who Jesus is, and how he relates to them personally is welcome. We like to provide answers to those questions, so in our classes we will breakdown the scripture to make sure that anyone who comes into contact with Believers Loveworld leaves with at least a clearer understanding of what Christianity is. 

For us it’s not really a religion, it’s a lifestyle – and that’s what we promote. For example we recently had a bible study class talking about how to deal with the pressure of exams and assignments. Basically our overall message was you don’t need to feel pressure or stress because you always have the peace of God with you. 

University can sometimes be overwhelming and we recognise that, so Believers Loveworld is really a place where you can have a home away from home. You can feel connected and there’ll always be someone to check on you. It really is a home.


I became part of the Believers Loveworld Essex Society because of Euphrose. I met her in one of my classes and she told me about Believers Loveworld. When I came to university I had a whole other mindset and I hadn’t thought of being in a society. It’s because of her that my mindset shifted.

We have so many things that engage everyone in the society. We had a movie night recently, and it made everyone happy and feel like more of a family. Seeing new members and being a leader of a department has encouraged and motivated me, and there’s so many things I’ve learnt through it all as well.


Anything negative is not in our vocabulary and that’s what we promote in our society. My position as a leader gives me so much responsibility and I want to enjoy it, and I always have that constant motivation as a leader because if I don’t do it the fellowship will stop growing. As a leader you grow and you want to inspire your members to do the same and be better. This is more of a lifestyle than a religion. If it works for me and I don’t feel a certain type of way every day, then why would I try anything different?

I’m head of the media department including camera crew and digital. We split it into two sub departments because some people want to be involved in media but don’t want to take pictures. So this means they can still be involved in content creation. It’s cool because these people come with an idea and want to get involved, and even though they have don’t have the specific experience, through the fellowship we grow and help each other. 

As leaders within the society we hold weekly meetings to strategize what we can do to make the fellowship better, or what we can do to help our members in times of need. Two weeks ago we had a meeting about putting together a food bank. As a society we’re here to help and support them with whatever they need.

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