"I read something that said 'Working in a hotel is like being in a performance' and that really resonated with me."


Before coming to Essex I studied acting and I worked in movies, TV commercials, theatrical productions and in a stunt team. 

I changed my direction because I feel that women don’t have enough opportunities in Italy at the moment. As women we are really overlooked in the stunt world. There were plenty of times I didn’t get a job because the production specified that they only wanted male performers, even though we as women could do the exact same thing as men. In my eyes we were equal because we did the same training, so it wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough.

In the end I was doing secretarial work – which I do like – but to be completely honest I thought I could do more. I did my research and the best way to move forward was to go to university. 

The one subject that stood out for me was management, and hotel management was especially interesting. I read something that said ‘Working in a hotel is like being in a performance’ and that really resonated with me. You’re in front of an audience which changes every day and night; you have roles to perform; you have your lines and it really is just like you’re performing. That’s what I liked about it – connecting my passion and my work in the future.

I haven’t decided what I want to do after university but one of my dreams would be to travel the world. I think the hospitality industry would be a great way to do so. I could work all over the world and actually get to know the countries I’m in. I would start in Europe, and then I’d like to see America, Canada, China and Japan.


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