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Alex's story

Alex Maxam, BA Multimedia Journalism student, 2018

"It’s weird to think that in ten years’ time there will still be that radio station that we created."

There is no long-term gain without short-term pain. If you crack on and graft, it all works out well in the end. I worked really hard last year because I was the Head of Radio for the Students’ Union. I launched the station and had an amazing experience which should help me in my future career.

It started when I joined Student Media and worked for the previous student magazine called Albert. A year later Rowena Field-Carter, Lydia Pauly and I launched Rebel. Then James, the editor, inspired me to find a more permanent role in Student Media. I was always keen on radio, and even though I didn’t have much experience of it, I decided to go for the role. It was a big challenge because the station barely existed at the time. Before, it was called RED, but then it disappeared for a while, until we built it back up with hard work. Now it’s a 24/7 radio station, which is pretty amazing!

It’s weird to think that in ten years’ time there will still be that radio station that we created. I am really proud of being involved in the magazine and now even more so with the radio station. There are loads of people getting involved in our shows, all hours of the day.

In the future I’d like to work in an industry that’s fun – and of course pay well at the same time, which I think is the ultimate aim for everyone. Getting into radio is probably what I can see myself doing. I still don’t know how I am going to go about it, but being the head of radio station gave me an insight into what it’s actually like. It’ll be a challenge, but it should be really good.”


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