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Rebecca G's story

Rebecca Griffin in the Silberrad

"We push each other to do more, and bring out the best in one another."

I didn’t originally plan on doing a Masters. I finished my BA Modern Languages and Linguistics course at Essex and moved to London with my boyfriend to find a job, but I didn’t really like it. Eventually, one of my former lecturers convinced me to come back and study translation, which is now what I want to do for my career; it’s given me a direction in life.

My main aspiration is to do something I enjoy doing. I want my job to make me happy. I’m not a fan of corporate translating because it’s very black and white, right and wrong. I would prefer to work in medical or academic interpreting; that’s something I find easier and I enjoy.

I didn’t consider going anywhere else for a Masters. I wanted to do it here because I get along really well with the lecturers, and the alumni discount was definitely a perk! I think postgraduate study is actually better than undergraduate, because Masters courses are smaller, so you cross paths with all the students and lecturers. It feels like I’m part of a family.

Lots of different people inspire me. My mum inspires me. My lecturer inspires me because she is really amazing at her job; she can look at a text and translate it on the spot. The people on my course inspire me. Because it’s only the three of us, we help each other. We’re not competitive; we push each other to do more, and bring out the best in one another.


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