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Garth's story

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"I listen to others and try to help them as much as I can."

I live by trust; I am quite big on that. If I trust you and you lose that trust, then it is very hard to get back.

I am a first year Psychology Student. I chose this course because reading people inspires me. I am quite a people person. I like knowing a lot of information about people, helping people and listening to their problems. At the start I wanted to do sport psychology because I am quite into sports as well but now it is working for other people. That is hopefully the career I can go into.

I came up to Essex in summer and looked around and it was very nice. I just thought that because I lived in Kent, I wanted to go a bit further away from Kent as opposed to going to the University of Kent. So I came here, I also have mates that go to this university as well so it’s alright.

My biggest struggle regarding university is about using my time correctly. I am trying but it takes a bit of time. I can be doing other things when I am doing something that I am not meant to be doing. That is my biggest struggle.

At the moment it is getting up every morning to go to the gym, rain or shine, even after a night out. My goal for this year is to get into my fitness. I don’t just go to the gym and sit, No, I can’t afford that, I am paying too much to afford to do that. I am really into my fitness that is my goal for this year.

I used to be quite big into sports, football, rugby, basketball anything. I quite like music as well. Not making but listening to music, I do want to make music at some point but I will see how that goes. That is another goal for 2018. I haven’t seriously performed but I have mates and we go and do things together but not seriously. I met some people who were doing music in the first weeks of university they are quite nice so If I decide to, I’ve got options.

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