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Filip's story

Photo of Filip Rendl

"My dream is to be the emperor of the world. It’s a big dream."

I am from the Czech Republic. I arrived in October, I only came to England for university. The main reason was because Essex is fantastic for international relations and research for politics. It’s one of the best in the world. So that was a big reason.

To be honest I’ve always been interested in Politics and International Relations. I’m interested in the history of relations between states, particularly during medieval times and the Napoleonic era.

I want to be a great person of history like Caesar or Napoleon and I want to change the world. My dream is to be the emperor of the world. It’s a big dream. On a smaller scale I’d like to be a diplomat in the UN.

So far my greatest achievement is coming here, but afterwards I’d love to study my masters at Columbia University in the USA and perhaps a PhD in Japan, Paris or Vienna. I'd like to travel while I study and live all over the world.

Spontaneous things make me smile. For example, my room mate said I should smile more because I have a nice smile, so that made me smile!


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