Dan's story

Dan Lee Searle, We Are Essex.

"My downfall but also my advantage is that I’m very curious."

I think my downfall but also my advantage is that I’m very curious, so I’ll do something to a high standard but then I’ll do something else because I’m interested in that now, I’m very curious when it comes down to it. My product, my service is personalised to a tee, I’m a listener and my product it to use this to help people discover there niches, finding passion in that niche and giving them the tools to progress.

Entrepreneurialism is Essex. Being from Essex – I’m an Essex boy and my whole family are from Essex - everyone’s always trying to make businesses off their own back. Everyone’s all got that graft. They’re all salesmen and women down to the tee. Essex is the place to be entrepreneurial and also, Essex is quite fashionable (if we are going outside the box).

Everyone here likes to be at the top of their game and be up with the most up to date thing and for me, being lucky enough to have travelled so much, all around Europe, as far Africa and as far as China, I’d say always this part of England, Essex we like to keep on top, we like to keep up to date, we’re always trendy. So yeah, I’d say modern and entrepreneurial is Essex really to a tee.


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