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Chris' story

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"Stay curious, because there are so many weird things you can learn."

My life motto would be ‘stay curious’ because there are so many weird things you can learn. What I found at Essex is that there are a lot of opportunities outside of your degree. You can meet people you share interests with and try new things you haven’t done before. At uni this helped me set up a video production company and now I've graduated it’s also how I got into baking bread. I’m a completely self-taught baker and now have set up Playerbakes to sell my bread online and at markets on weekends. If I hadn’t have stayed curious I’d have really missed out, because baking is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I hope to one day work for myself and make baking a full-time job. I’m inspired by those who I meet at the markets who have recently quit their full time employment to pursue their passion and go it alone; I find that very inspirational.


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