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We went through Clearing

Everyone’s story is different. Whatever your reasons for going through Clearing may be, let’s make this the best path you’ve ever ventured down.

If you're feeling alone in your Clearing journey, you shouldn't! Lots of Essex students come to us through Clearing so we think it's important to share some of their stories. Hear from Abigael, Colin and Sian about their individual experiences of Clearing. Or listen to Judith tell us how Clearing worked for her, and why she's really pleased she applied through Clearing.


Sian working at Aceville Publications
I'm now a Magazine Editor

"I was placed into Clearing. The University of Essex accepted me, and to be honest, I didn't know what to expect but I fell in love with the campus, owing to its wide green spaces and brutalist architecture. I'm now the Editor of Veggie magazine, which is a monthly magazine dedicated to ethical living, sustainable fashion, cruelty-free beauty and vegetarian food."

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