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Our research response: Essex examines COVID-19 to fight the pandemic

From the societal implications of using technology to track the virus, to the impact of lockdown on mental and physical health inequalities, and from job losses to home schooling, our research on COVID-19 takes a 360 degree look at the effects of the pandemic.

If you're looking for trusted research that's inter-disciplinary and grounded in robust data, you're in the right place. Essex research informs policy-makers, governments, third-sector organisations and business.

We're home to the Institute for Social and Economic Research, a leading centre for the production and analysis of longitudinal research. We're also a lead partner of the UK Data Service, providing researchers with support, training and access to the UK's largest collection of social, economic and population data. Essex also plays host to the leading Human Rights Centre and the Institute for Analytics and Data Science, both of whom are closely involved in responding to the COVID-19 research agenda.

This page features our very latest COVID-19 research, details of funding opportunities and support for researchers, along with key research role-holders within the University of Essex. To discover more about the names behind the research visit our COVID-19 experts page, view their academic staff profiles and individual contact details.


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Funding opportunities and guidance for researchers following COVID-19:

Funding resources and research support for Essex researchers

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