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We are dedicated to social science experiments and pioneering research

Students, researchers, individuals and organisations, from across the globe conduct cutting edge research at ESSEXLab. Our excellent facilities and expert laboratory staff are open and available to all, from the university community and beyond.

Our laboratory facilities are dedicated to social science experiments. Researchers and participants from all over the country visit ESSEXLab to conduct and participate in pioneering social science research. Our dedicated and experienced laboratory team include sociologists, economists and political scientists from Departments ranked highly in the Research Excellence Framework (REF). The team is led by Laboratory Director Dr Dennie van Dolder and Laboratory Manager Dr Patrick Lown.

To find out about the very latest paid participant opportunities, available grants and funding, insights into the latest in experimental social science research and events, follow ESSEXLab on social media.

  • Conduct your research in a truly adaptive environment and leverage the support of a multi-disciplinary team of expert laboratory staff.
  • Participate in fascinating experiments and studies, contribute to cutting-edge social science research and best of all, get rewarded for your time.
  • Utilise our state-of-the-art equipment, benefit from the support of our expert¬† staff and join a pioneering facility leading the way in experimental social science.

choose ESSEXLab?

Gain access to a diverse database of over 2500 participants
Utilise our sound proof partitions and noise blocking headphones
Conduct your studies anywhere with our 32 mobile lab devices
Observe your experiments through one-way glass
Apply for up to £2500 of funding for your experiment
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