Research Project

Liverpool Multi-vector Energy Exchange (LMEX)

Principal Investigator
Dr Katerina Bourazeri

Empowering people to make low carbon choices

As people become more aware of climate change, they are becoming more engaged with “doing their bit” to contribute to a greener society. This can include becoming vegetarian or vegan, or walking or cycling more frequently.

Nationally reducing our carbon emissions also involves moving our energy supply to low carbon alternatives, including making use of more renewable energy sources. But for many people in the UK it can be hard to make the most of these alternative energy sources. Even with financial support, adding solar panels to a home or business premises, or improving roof insulation, can be an expense that many households and small business owners cannot afford to make.

However with a bit of support, people can be better informed about where the energy powering their homes and businesses comes from. They can identify and sign up for energy services that are low carbon and affordable, and swap to them easily.

The Liverpool Multi-vector Energy Exchange (LMEX) project will produce a detailed design of a city-wide energy marketplace for the trade of energy services across power, transport and heating/cooling.

The platform will comprise of a Smart Network Controller (SNC), a Flexibility Exchange Platform (FXP) and sensors installed in premises/homes of potential end-users.

The platform will be created with input from the communities (including homes and businesses) that will ultimately be the end user. Through a series of knowledge-gathering events including questionnaires and workshops, we will identify the key needs and preferences of the future userbase. This will feed in to the initial design stages of the LMEX platform, with a particular focus on the user interface design (for example, what kind of “dashboard” features would be helpful? How much data should users be given access to? How should it be visually represented?)

Ultimately we will create a user-friendly FXP that will help improve public knowledge and awareness of the low carbon energy market and empower them to easily make sustainable, affordable choices for their energy needs.


This project is run with the following partners; SP Energy Networks, Smart Power Networks LTD, Decentralised Energy Solutions LTD, New Resource Partners LTD, and Regent Capital Public Limited Company.


This project is funded by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy through UKRI.