Meet the people behind our project

A combination of forward thinking interdisciplinary researchers and specialists.

In addition to our Directors, Investigators, Researchers and Executive Team, the Human Rights, Big Data and Technology Project has three tiers of governance:


Internal Advisory Board

Maria Fasli
Executive Dean (Science and Health) - Professor (R), School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CSEE)
Research interests: Multi-agent systems and autonomous adaptive systems; Data exploration analysing and modelling complex data Big data analysis and modelling of structured and unstructured data; Machine learning modelling opponents learning behaviours from data; Reasoning and analytics over multiple streams of data Internet of Things (IoT) reasoning and analytics; Individual and collective user profiles profile adaptation contextualised profiles; Recommender systems collaborative filtering reputation systems; complex systems modelling dynamics of financial systems and markets; Market mechanisms negotiation protocols strategic interaction supply chain management; Semantic matching resource search cloud computing resource allocation; Trust in agent societies trust mechanisms trust in decision making; Formal theories of agents and multi-agent systems BDI agents; Cognitive agents knowledge and belief self-reference; Software engineering methodologies for agents and multi-agent systems; Social dynamics regulation of agent societies roles and power institutions; Self-organisation team formation; Serious games for education and learning collaborative learning
Gary Williams
Funding Development Manager (Social Sciences/Law and Management, Research and Enterprise Office
Wayne Martin
Professor, School of Philosophy and Art History
Research interests: Philosophy of Psychiatry; Phenomenology (esp Hume, Husserl, Heidegger, Th Lipps, L&oslashgstrup); Kant and post-Kantian idealism (esp Fichte); The history and philosophy of logic; Philosophy and painting; Self-Consciousness; Autonomy and the Regulation of Care; Political Philosophy; Will, Agency and Contract
Eamonn Carrabine
Professor, Department of Sociology
Research interests: Crime and the Media; Cultural and Social Geography; Popular Music and Sociological Thinking; Punishment and Human Rights; Sociology of Imprisonment; Visual Sociology; Youth Culture
Kristian Gleditsch
Professor, Department of Government
Research interests: International Conflict and Cooperation; Intrastate Conflict, Protest, and Mobilization; Mathematical and Statistical Models; Democratization;
Matthew Woollard
Director of UK Data Archive, UK Data Archive