Research Project   

EU-China Security Cooperation

Principal Investigator
Professor Emil Kirchner, Professor Han Dorussen and Professor Thomas Christiansen

A project leading to policy

This project examined a range of key aspects in the field of EU-China security cooperation, involving scholars from different disciplines and geographic regions, and lead to the publication of policy papers and a book.

The project brings together expertise on the various strands of research on EU-China security cooperation in order to contribute to academic debates and to provide input for policy makers in Europe, China and elsewhere in the world, and to raise awareness among the public on EU-China relations. The project comprises a multidisciplinary group of scholars with significant expertise in their respective fields and with considerable experience in collaborative research.

Our focus

Our key issues

This interdisciplinary project seeks to examine a range of aspects in the field of EU-China security cooperation.

Key issues to be addressed in the security field, broadly conceived, include:

  • concerns over nuclear proliferation
  • international terrorist threats and cyber attacks
  • human security
  • issues of climate change
  • organised crime
  • energy resources
  • immigration/migration

Our objective

The objective is to explore:

  • the extent to which there is convergence or divergence in the area of EU-China security cooperation
  • the reasons for either occurrence the prospects for further security
  • collaboration between the two partners

Our research

The added value of this research arises from the capacity of the research group to analyse various dimensions of the security cooperation between the EU and China, and to do so in a comparative, relational (inter-regional) and multidisciplinary fashion.

The bringing together of scholars from the EU and Asia will facilitate the comparative aspect of the research and strengthen the knowledge base of how the EU and China perceive and respond to security threat challenges in ten specific security dimensions: nuclear proliferation; international terrorism and organised crime; climate change and energy policy; human security; civil protection; regional conflicts; immigration/migration and identity; cyber attacks; maritime security; and the economic dimension of security.

We will attempt to pair a European with an Asian scholar as much as possible in the assessment of the individual security dimensions and chapter production.

The investigation will establish assessment scales in order to provide a systematic account of the converging or diverging positions of the two partners with regard to the ten security dimensions.

To learn more about the resulting activity from this project please visit the research impact page.

The coordinating institution

The project is coordinated by Professor Emil Kirchner, who has a well established track record of managing trans-national research projects, has published extensively on regional and global security governance and is the Coordinator of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of Essex.

Professor Han DorussenDepartment of Government at the University of Essex, has participated in several comparative research projects, and has published widely in the field of regional and global security. The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Essex, which includes the Department of Government, is one of Europe’s leading centres for theory-driven empirical research in the social sciences and renowned for its scholarly work.

Our project leader

With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission 



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