Research Project

Combining NLP and Image Analysis to Accelerate and Automate the Collection of OSINT

Principal Investigators
Dr Shoaib Jameel
Dr Alba Garcia Seco De Herrera
Mozhgan Talebpour

Vast quantities of personal information is made publicly accessible every day from a broad range of platforms, from social media postings on a personal account, to a staff newsletter published by a business, or people phoning in to radio chat shows. Collecting and analysing this data is known as OSINT - Open-source intelligence.

Researchers on this project aim to develop a novel combination of techniques in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and image analysis, which will accelerate and automate the collection of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). This will provide the end users with advanced insight into individuals, without invading individual privacy.


This project is run in partnership with Neotas Ltd.


This project is funded by an Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership under grant agreement no. 111616.