Research Project

An IoT-based system to practice boxing and martial arts

Principal Investigator
Dr Hossein Anisi

This project works toward designing an IoT-based system to practice boxing and martial arts and improves the skills of the trainee while monitoring his/her health conditions.

The idea is to form a wireless body sensor network (WBSN) that records precisely how hard, how accurately and how fast the user is punching. Such data can be used to help athletes track the improvement in their skills over time, and help trainers identify areas of improvement.

The architecture can be divided into three tiers: the first tier is WBSN, the second tier is the connection between the WBSN and the base station or gateway, while the third tier is the cloud server.

The system addresses the exiting technical challenges of WBSN such as data management, data processing, wireless communication, system inter-operability, data validation and consistency, system programming, and sensor stream management.


This project is run in partnership with Interactive Sport Training Solutions LTD.