Research Project

AI System to Analyse Patient Records and Process High-Volume Documentation

Principal Investigators
Dr Alba Garcia Seco De Herrera
Dr Faiyaz Doctor
Srinidhi Karthikeyan
Racks of metal shelving covered in folders and white boxes.

Every day thousands of pieces of paperwork are created by healthcare processes, from test results to appointment bookings.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyse patient record documents and Machine Learning (ML) methods to develop appropriate algorithms, an artificial intelligence (AI) software system will be developed to analyse patient records and process high-volume documentation such as A&E attendance letters.

Intelligently automating these processes will increase Firza’s ability to provide efficient and highly accurate administrative services to GP practices and CCGs.


This project is run in partnership with healthcare organisation Firza.


This project is funded by an Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership grant agreement No. 12086.