The University Council is our governing body, responsible for the management and administration of our revenue and property.

The Council is entrusted with the proper conduct of University business in support of the objectives defined by the terms of reference laid down by the University Charter and Statutes:

  • strategic planning
  • financial affairs, including the annual budget
  • estates management
  • staffing matters
  • health and safety issues
  • oversight of the Students' Union

There are 19 members of Council (.pdf), the majority of whom are External.

Council's responsibilities are set out in Ordinance 12, Statement of Primary Responsibilities (.pdf)

Meetings of Council

Council normally meets five times a year, usually at our Colchester Campus. The dates and times of meetings of Council and its sub-committees can be found in the University diary of the academic year.

Council Effectiveness Review

In February 2020, Council approved the report and recommendations following the latest Council Effectiveness Review 2019-20 (.pdf).

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NEW VACANCIES - External Council Members

Could you be one of our new external Council Members? Would you like to be one of the University’s strategic decision-makers, contributing to our continued success? Share your expertise and strategic insight. Offer a fresh perspective. Grow your influence in this pivotal and rewarding role.

Find out more about the opportunities

Joining Council

We have vacancies for members of Council from time-to-time. Our University Council oversee our work, help us exceed our goals and live our values. The experience, skills and enthusiasm of Council members help to shape the direction and development of the University. As members of our community, Council members are encouraged to push the boundaries of conventional wisdom, shaping what goes on around them and developing the curiosity and skills to change the world for the better.

To maintain our competitive edge, during a period of unprecedented change for the higher education sector, we need to continue to think and act in different ways. We are interested to hear from individuals with the requisite intellectual capacity, commercial acumen and strategic leadership experience to support us in shaping our transformational agenda.

We are home to the curious, brave and bold. If you share our passion and have the skills and experience we seek, we would be keen to hear from you. Please email with a short covering letter explaining why this appointment interests you and what you specifically would bring to the role together with your curriculum vitae (CV) with educational and professional qualifications, full employment history and details of any Non-Executive experience. Please also include your preferred contact details, which will be used with discretion. The CV should include names and contact details of two referees. All applications will be acknowledged.

Council roles and responsibilities

In addition to being members of the University's Council, members also carry the responsibilities of Trustees of the University as an exempt charity. Whether External or internal, all members of Council have equal standing, with a majority of the Council's members being from outside the University. The External members contribute a wide range of experience from the public and private sectors. Internal members help relate Council’s oversight and control over the University and its affairs to the experience of working in the University.

Membership of Council requires acceptance of the Code of Governor Conduct and collective responsibility for the decisions reached by Council. As a member of our Council you would be expected to contribute the equivalent of approximately 12 days per year;  members appointed to Council sub-committees may be required to attend up to an additional four days a year.

Members should attend induction events arranged by the University and complete all deemed essential training to enable members to discharge their duties

The role description for members of Council provides further information about the role and its responsibilities:

Students' Union Code of Practice 

The Education Act 1994 requires the University to take such steps as are reasonably practicable to secure that the Students' Union operates in a fair and democratic manner, and is accountable for its’ finances.

The Act requires universities to prepare and issue a Code of Practice setting out the manner in which the requirements of the Act will be effected. Arrangements for monitoring and assurance reporting of the implementation of the Code have been made, in agreement with the Students’ Union.

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Bryn Morris Registrar and Secretary
Council membership enquires and nominations
Telephone: 01206 873000