Supporting our student community

The Hardship Fund provides support for students in emergency financial need.

Our student population is diverse, and their needs vary, but we are committed to providing financial support to all students in need.

In April 2020, in response to the increasing number of our students facing financial difficulties resulting from coronavirus, we launched an emergency appeal to raise funds for the Hardship Fund, a fund that provides financial support for students in urgent need. Thanks to our community of donors we have raised more than £315,000 to date. 

We're moving on from the pandemic, but the Hardship Fund is here to stay, and will always be there to support our students in need.

The cost-of-living crisis, drops in family household income, sudden loss of employment, and digital poverty are all examples of why our students sometimes need extra financial support.

Our Hardship Fund supports students in four key areas: 

  • Living costs – helping with core living costs such as utility bills, food and transport
  • Residential costs – helping cover the cost of rent
  • Equipment and digital costs – helping to pay for IT equipment or to secure internet access required for study 
  • Childcare – helping with costs related to childcare 

Donations made to the Hardship Fund go directly to students in need making their lives easier and allowing them to confidently continue their education here at Essex. By donating, you can help ease the financial burdens that students face and are often out of their control. 

Impact since October 22
  • We have awarded 931 hardship grants to Essex students an increase of 112% when compared with the same time last year
  • Our average award granted is £888
  • Our average time to process applications was just 5 days and 14 hours - doing everything we can to quickly easy the stress that financial burdens can put on students
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Our Hardship Fund offers emergency financial support for students who really need our help, and the cost of living crisis is putting even more pressure on students. We couldn’t offer the level of support we do without the generosity of our community.

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