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Discover the people behind psychology at Essex

The Department of Psychology is home to academic experts, dedicated professionals, and the future of psychological research.

Our experts carry out research that helps us understand how we think about, interact with, and experience the world.

Dawn Liu carried out research that shows that people misinterpret food labels.

Dr Miroslav Sirota and Dr Maria Juanchich showed that different ways in which health professionals explain risks affects the choices we make.

Professor Silke Paulmann worked with academics from Cardiff University to show that tone of voice used by Mums has an impact on the response of teenagers.

Discover more about staff in our department.

  • Our academic staff hold various posts within the department, deliver excellence in the teaching of our modules, and conduct research in a wide range of specialisms.
  • Our professional services staff are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the department, supporting the delivery of our teaching and our research.
  • Our research students investigate a broad range of exciting topics and are supervised by our academic staff.

Contact details and further information about the specific interests of our members can be found in their profiles.

Two female students are sitting at a computer in a PC lab, with the student one the left leaning to the right slightly to get a better view of the screen.
Meet the Psychologists

Scientists in the Department of Psychology come from a wide range of backgrounds and countries. Read our stories to find out more about what led us to psychology, what we would love to change about science, and what we do on a typical work day!

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