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Zoe Anthony

Zoe Anthony

"Studying at Essex gave me the knowledge, skills and qualifications I needed to progress in my career"

Zoe Anthony, BSc Applied Biomedical Science student, graduate class of 2023.


“As a mature student returning to learning after many years, I wanted a course that would allow me to study a wide range of topics. I chose BSc Applied Biomedical Science as it gave me the fantastic opportunity to spend a year in an NHS lab completing the IBMS registration portfolio.

I found the whole course extremely interesting, but there were a couple of modules that were my favourites including haematology, genetics, and molecular biology. Being able to get back into the lab, especially such well-equipped ones, was great too. Every lecturer was supportive, friendly, and approachable. I always knew exactly where to go when I needed anything, and always received help and support when it was needed.

Taking part in a summer studentship was by far the best part of my degree. It was a fantastic opportunity that gave me experience of being in a real, working research lab. I learnt a huge number of new skills, both in and out of the lab, as well as being able to contribute to ongoing research, which was amazing.

Studying at Essex gave me the knowledge, skills and qualifications I needed to progress in my career. On top of this it gave me a refreshed passion for learning, many valuable friendships and professional contacts, as well as the lifelong support of the careers team.

I am now completing teaching training. It wasn’t a career that I had considered before, but the more I reflected on my time at university, the more I realised how much I enjoy helping and teaching other people. Whether that was being a peer mentor, attending workshops to help fellow students, or simply helping my friends with course material they were struggling with.

You are never too old to try something new, change your career, or chase your dreams. I chose to go back to university as a single mum. I was scared and worried, but it was the best thing I have ever done. The whole four years, while difficult at times, have been amazing. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and grown during my time at Essex. And after all the hard work, I have an amazing degree, am a qualified biomedical scientist, and am beginning the next chapter of my career.”