At Essex, we recognise that our students are diverse in their backgrounds, their current circumstances, their needs and ambitions. We want to support you as an individual, responding to your needs, your interests and your ambitions. We want it to be YOUR Essex education and experience.

We have been working with your SU to form a vision of how you can make your Essex education your own. Our joint vision is of:

"an education where every student from every background is empowered to be an active participant in their own education; having the confidence, information and right opportunities to make informed choices about their education, tailoring it to meet their own needs and ambitions.”

Activate now

That’s where Activate Essex comes in. There are lots of ways you can become an active participant in your university journey.

Activate your experience

By taking part in events and projects outside of your teaching sessions, you can learn more, make friends, increase your confidence and get the most out of your Essex education.  

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Activate your learning

By actively engaging with everything that is available to support your learning, asking questions, contributing to discussions, exploring the Library, using online resources, identifying where you can develop your skills further, and completing reading or tasks outside of class you will get a deeper understanding of your subject and do better in your exams. 

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Speak to your department to get involved in:

Activate your future

Talking to our careers team about your ambitions can help you create a map to achieve your goals and put you ahead of the game when it comes to jobs, further study or building your own business. Talk to the team about everything from perfecting your CV and improving your skills, to finding volunteering opportunities, and work placements.

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Or speak to your department to get involved in:

Activate your body

Exercising can relieve stress and increase your feeling of wellbeing – perfect when you’re preparing to smash those exams or excel yourself in your dissertation. Check out everything Essex Sport has to offer, from exercise classes to music, to mindfulness sessions and the gym. If you prefer to not to sweat, become a fan or a club member and help cheer your favourite team to victory or make friends at sports club socials. Or simply enjoy the wonderful environments on and surrounding our campuses.

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