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Alumni publications

Dr Alexandra Pentarki

British Council Alumni Award finalist and Essex alumna, Dr Alexandra Pentarki, invites you to read her book, 7 Secrets to Break the Chains of Panic Attackswhich offers to gives you the mental tools to heal your panic attacks effectively.

The book provides easy-to-follow techniques, insights and success stories gained from her clinical practice with dozens of people with panic attacks. It also includes relevant research findings that support her approach.

Dr Anne Peacock

Human Rights and the Digital Divide, written by alumna Dr Anne Peacock, is now available to purchase. 

This book critically evaluates the goal of bridging the 'digital divide' – the gap between those who have access to the Internet and those who do not. Central to this analysis is the examination of two questions: first, is there a right to access the Internet, and if so, what does that right look like and how far does it extend? Second, if there is a right to access the Internet, is there a legal obligation on States to overcome the digital divide?

Dr Smruti Bulsari

Alumna, Dr Smruti Bulsari, has co-authored Statistical Analysis in Simple Steps Using R, a step-by-step approach to the basics of statistical tests, the prerequisites and assumptions, the procedures, and outputs and their interpretation all through the lens of R.

This is a concise guide to procuring and using R, identifying the types of tests to examine different types of research questions, and the sequential steps for undertaking statistical analysis. Intended largely for readers who are new to statistics or R or to both, this textbook addresses the problems in statistical analysis often faced by the students of social science, education, and management.

Stuart Bolus

Alumnus, Stuart Bolus, has featured in Critical Insights: Post Colonial Literature, writing the chapter Obliteration or Assimilation? Culture Clash in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart and Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things.

This anthology explores postcolonial literature in a broad sense, guiding the reader to access the fundamental ways one should read postcolonial literature, and teaching them how to read postcolonial work. You will discover the linkage of international contributors of multiple generations, Professors and postgraduate students.

The authors hope that you will come away with a new understanding of post colonialism in a way that can be applied to future readings.

Trevor Croft

Alumnus, Trevor Croft, has written a fairy tale named The Organisation.

The Organisation is a fantasy set in a make-believe world of wooden sailing ships, horse-drawn carriages and soldiers in red tunics and tall hats. Although it is a fairy tale it contains no magic or talking animals and is not meant for young children. It is intended for grown-ups, particularly ones with inquiring interests in a wide range of contentious issue

Dr Charles Ituah

Alumnus Charles Ituah has written Ready! Steady! Mental Health.


The book aims to spread knowledge about mental health in a short and concise manner. It could also serve as a textbook for students to get a basic idea of the psychology of the human mind.

Virginia Betts

Alumna Virginia Betts is a tutor, poet and author. 

Virginia graduated from Essex with a degree in Literature, and later gained a postgraduate degree in teaching English. She made her publishing debut in The Weird and Whatnot, with her short story, The Rented Room. Following this, her poem, An Afternoon Walk, was published in the September 2019 volume of Acumen Literary Journal. Virginia’s debut collection of short stories, The Camera Obscure, will be published in late 2021.

Ben Thompson

Alumnus Ben Thompson is author of White Tulip

White Tulip is a book about love and loss, the living and the dead, History and memory, and the sudden illuminations that force themselves up through the cracks in the pavement.

Martin Edwards

Literature graduate Martin Edwards is author of The Out-Islands.

 Drawing on his time at and after Essex, Martin's first collection of poems are about paradise and its discontents, about homesickness and utopian longing, about travellers and tourists, surfers, swimmers and drowned sailors.

Alex Cotter

Literature graduate Alex Cotter is the author of The House on the Edge

Alex Cotter is a children's author with her debut middle-grade novel published in July 2021. After completing her BA English and European Literature degree, she went on to mainly make a living from words, from bookselling at W.H.Smith and publicising The Booker Prize to copywriting and teaching creative writing.