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Scholarships and funding

Supporting your studies

At Essex we offer scholarships and funding opportunities for talented students from a range of backgrounds.

Some of our scholarships are university-wide, while others are offered by specific departments. You can use the scholarships finder links below to find out more.

In addition we offer postgraduate studentships to help fund those who are working towards a research degree (MSD, MPhil or PhD). These may be interdisciplinary, involving more than one department, or offered as part of specific research projects by academics in one of our science and health departments.


The University offers a range of scholarships and bursaries to support talented students, and ensure we remain accessible to all with the potential to succeed, regardless of financial circumstances. 

Search our Scholarship Finder to see the funding you can apply for.

Postgraduate funding

We offer postgraduate funding to help support you during your research. These may be offered as part of specific research projects being carried out by our academics, or as part of our work with Doctoral Training Partnerships.

Along with studentships, we also give all research students access to Proficio, our unique professional development funding scheme. Proficio gives you funding for training courses and conference attendance, whether you're working on a 1 year Master of Science by Dissertation (MSD), or undertaking a 3 year PhD.

Faculty studentships

The Faculty of Science and Health is keen to promote interdisciplinary research across the university. By breaking down academic silos and bringing together researchers with similar interests in different fields, we can create cutting-edge research that will have impact on the real world.

Our Faculty studentships are co-supervised by at least two academics from different departments.

We do not currently have any Faculty studentships.

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