Parking options for staff at our Colchester, Southend and Loughton Campuses.

Ever considered car sharing? Sharing your car or being a passenger helps reduce emissions and saves you money.
Car parking registration permits

Registering your vehicle entitles you to cheaper daily parking charges at our Colchester Campus.

Daily parking charges

Daily parking charges apply to most vehicles at our Colchester Campus. Find out the costs and where charges don't apply.

Parking at Southend Campus

Car parking options at our Southend Campus.

Car parks at Colchester Campus

Details of our car parks at our Colchester Campus.

Parking and traffic management

Read our rules on parking, and information on parking tickets at our Colchester Campus.

Motorcycle parking

Staff can register to park a motorcycle on our Colchester Campus for free.

Disabled staff parking

How disabled staff can apply for a parking space at our Colchester Campus.

Electric vehicle charging

Twelve electric vehicle charging points are available on our Colchester Campus, find out how to access them.

Parking at Loughton Campus

Parking options at our Loughton Campus