New staff vacancy checklist

A vacancy arises either when an existing job holder moves on or when a new post has been approved. These are the things you should consider before advertising your vacancy.

Make contact with the Resourcing Adviser

The Resourcing Adviser will be able to confirm timescales and provide you with any guidance and support throughout the whole recruitment process.

Review the existing role

If a vacancy arises due to a staff member leaving, it is good practice to review the existing role, the needs of the service and other factors in the first instance. It is a good opportunity to make changes such as re-distribution of work or to review roles/team structures.


If the decision results in recruitment to the vacancy, at this point the hiring manager should re-visit the job description to make sure that it is a true reflection of the role. If substantial changes are to be made to the post, or it is a new post, it will need to go through the Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA) process. Contact the Senior Employee Relations Adviser for advice.

Academic posts should be evaluated by reference to the national role profiles, so there is no requirement to undertake HERA evaluation for these posts.

Funding approval

The hiring manager is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate permission to recruit is in place using the online approval system through Unit 4 Business World (formerly Agresso). Full details of the approval process are available in the relevant guidance document (.pdf, Essex users only).


The hiring manager should consider if there is a suitable candidate amongst existing employees seeking redeployment. Senior Employee Relations Advisers are notified of all new posts that are approved and will contact the Hiring Manager if there is anyone in the redeployment pool who should be considered for the vacancy.

Flexible working

Consideration should be given to whether the post could be advertised on a flexible basis e.g. as part-time or as a job share.

Equality and diversity

The hiring manager should also assess the equality and diversity data for the department and consult the Resourcing Adviser about whether any relevant positive action statements are necessary.

Market supplement

The hiring manager should at this point consider whether any exceptional circumstances apply and a market supplement might be necessary.

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