Market Supplement Policy

We are committed to the principles of equal pay for work of equal value. We use the HERA job evaluation scheme and national role profiles to determine the relative value of all job roles, in Grades 1 to 10, which are covered by the Framework Agreement.

It is acknowledged, however, that there may be occasions where the total reward package offered for particular roles may not be as competitive as those offered in the wider labour market, therefore leading to recruitment and retention difficulties. In such cases where there is a clear business need, supported by objective market data, we will consider applying a market supplement to the normal reward package for the role.

The policy outlines the full process for making an application, including how the market supplement is applied and the procedure for monitoring and review.

Further support

For further advice, you can contact your Resourcing Adviser if this relates to a new or replacement role, or you can contact your Employee Relations Adviser if this relates to an existing role.

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