Zoom video conferencing

Zoom is a video conferencing tool used for online meetings, webinars and teaching.

Sign in to your Zoom account

Use your @essex.ac.uk email address to sign in - you don't need to create an account.

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Using the Zoom app? Always sign in by choosing Sign in with SSO and use essex-university for the company domain.

Using Zoom


 Access your recordings

To access your recordings, sign in to your Zoom account and choose the Recordings tab.

Schedule a recording

When scheduling your meeting, always choose Record the meeting automatically in the cloud.  You should always let your attendees know at the start of the meeting that you will be recording.

How long are recordings kept for?
  • Your own recordings are kept in the cloud for three months and then automatically deleted. If you want to keep your recordings, you’ll need to download and save them to a different file storage service.
  • For automatically scheduled recordings of teaching events, recordings are kept in the cloud for 24 hours and then automatically deleted without warning. However, the recording will be automatically imported into and made available in Panopto (Listen Again).
  • If the recording is a learning resource, you can manually import it into Panopto for later use in Moodle.

Learn more about recording.

Background images

Looking for an official Essex background for your Zoom meetings?

See University of Essex Zoom backgrounds (Box.com login required)

Webinar licences

You'll need a licence to host Zoom Webinars - email webinars@essex.ac.uk to request one.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms are specially equipped spaces that you can use for online meetings and teaching.

Help with Zoom

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