Annual salary review for staff

The annual salary review enables staff to be rewarded for their contribution based on exceptional performance and citizenship in relation to their role.

Applying for additional salary or bonus 

Staff can apply, or be put forward by their manager, for either additional salary (subject to eligibility) or a discretionary one-off bonus. The annual review cycle takes place in the spring and early summer each year. A review of salaries for the University’s senior leadership (Vice-Chancellor and Registrar and Secretary, members of USG), University Office Holders (e.g. Heads of Department, Deputy Deans), Heads of Section and other Grade 11 staff in Professional Services Sections occurs later in the year in November. 

The University follows the Senior Staff Remuneration Code published by the Chairs of University Councils for the review of senior pay.


Please submit your application to your Head of Department or Head of Section by 12 noon, 31 March 2023. Professors and University Office Holders should submit their applications directly to by the same date.

  • The University’s senior leadership (as defined above) and Grade 11 Professional Services will receive communication in June with details of how to apply.
  • Annual review timetable (.pdf)

Guidance and criteria

Please read the procedures and criteria before making an application:

Application forms

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