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Keeping active at home

Stay safe. Stay active.

It has never been more important to look after your physical and mental wellbeing, and we want to help.

We’ll be bringing you a variety of exercises and activities to help keep you active and motivated.

We’re in this together!

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BRIT 2021 Challenge

The University, Essex Sport, and the SU are joining forces to take on the BRIT 2021 Challenge - uniting to support young adult mental health.

What is the BRIT 2021 Challenge?

We are aiming to travel a combined 2021 miles between Monday 15 March and Friday 23 April, and raise £2,021, with all donations going to charities providing mental health support for young people.

The BRIT 2021 Challenge has been designed so we, working in teams, will aim to cover the 2021 miles by jogging, running, walking, cycling, hand-cycling, wheelchair pushing, buggy pushing, swimming, rowing or paddling (Please note: all participants must adhere to their local Government COVID-19 guidelines).

Who can take part?

We encourage every University of Essex student and staff member, past and present, to form a team and join the challenge!

This could be through your sports club, society, academic department, house mates, colleagues, alumni or any other friendship group.

Please don’t worry if you do not have a team, you can submit miles as an individual and they’ll be counted towards the ‘Best of the Rest’ team. If you submit as an individual, we’ll invite you to join a Facebook group to meet, interact and support other members of your newly formed team!

Form a team and join the challenge!

The challenge launches on Monday 15 March. Before then, we are seeking Team Captains. As a team captain you will register your team, motivate your team during the challenge and encourage your team to seek as many donations as possible.


Enter your team Mileage submission Make a donation

Guidance for team captains

Thank you for volunteering to be a team captain as part of the BRIT 2021 Challenge at the University of Essex for the next 6 weeks! Here’s what you need to do next. 

  1. Have a list of everyone you’ve recruited for your team. The more people in your team, hopefully the quicker you can accumulate more miles! You can add team members later by emailing if you need to.
  2. Complete the Team Registration Form using the link above.
  3. Start encouraging your team members to complete activity, remember the challenge starts on the 15 March and ends on 23 April. No miles completed outside of this time frame can be submitted.
  4. Each week your team members complete an activity, they will need to submit their mileage and form of travel on the “Mileage Submission” form via the link above. You will automatically receive an email with the details of their miles and mode of travel.
  5. We’ve created a handy excel sheet which we’ll email to you with some other useful tips and tricks on being a great team captain. You can use this, if you wish, to track your team’s activities and be ready to praise those completing lots of miles and give a little friendly reminder to those who haven’t!

Participant information

Congratulations on joining a team in the BRIT 2021 Challenge at the University of Essex for the next 6 weeks! Here’s what you need to do next!

When you’ve completed an activity, you’ll need to complete the “Mileage Submission” form via the link above and fill in all the information. It will ask you which team you are in, how many miles you completed and your method of travel. This will automatically be sent to your team captain to let them know what an awesome team member you are, and to Essex Sport who will keep track of all individuals and teams contribution throughout the challenge.

As part of the challenge, we are also asking teams to raise as much money as they can in support of BRIT and their four charity partners who provide mental health support for young adults. To do this, donators will need to visit our Virgin Money Donations page.

We are also tracking which team can attract the most donations. To do this, you will need to encourage anybody donating on behalf of your team to write your team’s name in the comment’s section when they submit their donation.

Any questions, please contact us via

Mileage submission

At the end of each week, you’ll need to submit your own mileage for distance travelled during that week. Your captain will receive a notification of what you submit and Essex Sport will be tracking it too!

About BRIT

BRIT’s vision is to unite Sport and Education Governing Bodies, Institutions, Businesses, Philanthropists and Inspirational Figures through a collectively powerful approach to support young adult mental health.

Addressing and improving mental health, fitness and wellbeing is a priority throughout the UK. By ensuring mental health is treated as a societal concern, we can encourage early intervention and action. 

BRIT 2021 charities

The funds raised through the BRIT 2021 UK-wide campaigns will provide vital support to students & young adults through existing and proactive health, wellbeing and mental fitness programmes and services. All funds raised will be shared equally between the following charities;

BRIT 2021 Challenge - register now!

Register your team and take part in the BRIT 2021 challenge

Register now


Facebook live fitness classes

While the Sports Centre is temporarily closed, we’re bringing back a range of workouts you can take part in, LIVE on our Facebook page. You won't need any equipment, and they're suitable to do in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, University accommodation... wherever you have a bit of space around you.

Download the timetable (.pdf), or view it and read more about the types of classes, below.


Class Time
 Monday Motivation  8am
 FLEX  12pm
 Mind and Body  5pm


Class Time
 Cardio and Stretch  8am
 Core and Stability  12pm


Class Time
 Ab Attack  8am
 Legs, Bums and Tums  1pm
 FLEX  5pm


Class Time
 Workout Challenge  8am
 Total Tone  12.30pm


Class Time
 Friday Fitness  12pm
 Cardio Abs  5pm


Class Time
 Yoga  9.30am


How to take part

Essex Sport Live Home Workouts

Our fitness instructors are running LIVE workouts on our Facebook page, with no equipment needed!

Find us on Facebook

Ab Attack

A challenging abdominal workout led by the Essex Sport Gym Team.

Cardio and Abs

A high energy workout that will develop all round fitness.

Core and Stability

Strengthen up that core with this high intensity class focusing on abdominal core strength and stability exercises.


A strength based session combining using body weight exercises to tone, sculpt and strengthen muscles in this whole body workout.

Friday Fitness

A fun and varied workout from the Essex Sport team, there will be a different type of workout each week.


With a range of interval and tabata training, these workouts are moderate-to-high intensity.

Legs, bums and tums

A traditional conditioning class focusing on the larger muscle groups – for those who want to tone and shape up, a gentle and low-impact workout.

Mind and Body

Mind and Body classes will have a different focus each week, including;


Reduce stress and anxiety, relieve muscle tension, and improve sleep. Take some time out to calm both the body and mind, combining gentle movement and meditation.


A mind and body workout, incorporating strength and stretching. There will be a combination of standing and floor based exercises that aim to improve posture, develop mobility, tone and flexibility, and to strengthen core muscles.

Slow Flow Yoga

Through flowing sequences, this class builds on strength and balance whilst being relaxing and meditative. Suitable for all levels.

Total Tone

A body-weight exercise class providing a whole body workout, and finishing with a focus on the abs. Suitable for all levels.


Through flowing sequences, this class builds on strength and balance whilst being relaxing and meditative. Suitable for all levels.

Online activities

Throughout the Spring Term, our Sport staff will be sharing fitness challenges, competitions, podcasts, cycling and running training videos, and much more on the Essex Sport social media pages – follow us and get involved!

Essex Sport on social media:


mywellness STREAM

Essex Sport Gold and Silver members can access hundreds of live and on-demand workouts through the mywellness app, FREE until 28 February 2021.

As well as hundreds of pre-recorded workouts and exercises from Technogym, you'll see a few familiar faces with a series of fitness classes from the Essex Sport fitness team.

How does it work?

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  • Select the 'On demand classes' tile on the homepage, and you're ready to go! 

New to mywellness?

  • You will have received an email from '', when you first became an Essex Sport member, asking you to activate your mywellness account. If you cannot find the email, please contact who will assist you.

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It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

Healthy eating tips

Being active around the home

It can be difficult to fit a run, walk, or full workout into a busy day, but there are ways you can incorporate physical activity into your home routine!

Try a few of our examples below, and keep it fun by mixing them up as often as you like:

  • bodyweight squats while the kettle boils
  • stretch your arms and shoulders at your desk for a few minutes every hour
  • hold a wall sit while watching TV
  • alternate standing on each leg while brushing your teeth
  • put on the radio and dance!