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Data Science for Business

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The details
Data Science for Business
2 days
28-29 Sept 2023
Colchester Campus, Essex Business School
Dr Stefano Filomeni


Data and information are critical to the success of organisations. Organisations that manage information effectively can improve efficiency, be more responsive to market opportunities, achieve competitive advantage and operate more sustainably. As organisations seek to develop innovations and grow in a sustainable way, they are looking for better information to guide decisions. This executive course will explore the role of information and analytics in supporting the development of innovative, sustainable growth strategies and the practical techniques managers can use to design effective information flows.

Course content highlights

  • Supervised segmentation: selecting informative “attributes” of the entities to reduce the uncertainty of the target variable.
  • Information gain: measuring how informative an attribute is with respect to our target variable.
  • Decision trees: performing multivariate supervised segmentation.
  • Clustering: grouping individuals in a population together by their similarity.
  • Generalisation performance: generalising beyond the training data used to build a model with the aim of adapting properly to new, previously unseen data.


Data and information are critical to the creation and sustaining of a competitive advantage. This executive course aims to equip participants with the knowledge, understanding and skills to assess how emerging technologies affect business and society, understand key terms and concepts in data and information management and their application to typical business situations, and critically analyse complex data and information to promote actionable insights.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for those who are interested in using data to gain insights and reach improve business decision-making. It would also improve the managerial and leadership capabilities of participants and their ability to understand the strategic management of data and information.

Accreditation and Professional Recognition

Upon the successful completion of the course participants will receive a certificate from Essex Business School


Each session can contain a combination of lectures, workshops, and case-based discussion as well as group work. This executive course involves twelve contact hours delivered as per the schedule below.

Our expert staff

Dr Stefano Filomeni

Dr Stefano Filomeni is a Lecturer in the Finance Group of Essex Business School (University of Essex). After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree (Business Administration) and a Master of Science (International Management) at Bocconi University (Milan, Italy), he pursued a challenging path that combined managerial experience in banking with a rigorous doctoral program. He has worked for the Intesa Sanpaolo Banking Group since 2010. In the period 2010-2014 he worked in commercial banking with job responsibilities for the management of a portfolio of large corporate clients, for developing the firm-bank relationship and for providing the bank’s clients with advisory services on ordinary and extraordinary finance issues such as setting up the credit concession proposal, issuing bank guarantees, letters of credit and bid/performance/advance payment bonds, assisting clients on M&A transactions, securitization deals, credit derivatives and computing internal ratings through the credit scoring methodology adopted by the bank.

His current research agenda focuses on several aspects of banking and finance. The first of these investigates the use and transmission of soft, unverifiable information in large organizations. This process is often severely affected by agency problems and institutional frictions.


Day 1

Session Topic Description
Morning Session Data-Analytic Thinking, Business Problems, and Data Science Solutions How to approach business problems “data-analytically” and knowledge about the data mining process and tasks
Afternoon Session Introduction to Predictive Modelling: Supervised Segmentation How to perform supervised segmentation: entropy, information gain, and decision trees

Day 2

Session Topic Description
Morning Session Overfitting and Its Avoidance Overfitting and generalisation performance: from holdout evaluation to cross-validation
Afternoon Session Similarity, Neighbours, and Clusters From nearest neighbours for predictive modelling to clustering as a form of unsupervised segmentation


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Our Colchester Campus is located two miles from the historic city of Colchester – England's oldest recorded settlement and just one hour by train from London.

Essex Business School can be found on the edge of the campus nearby our iconic North Towers Student accommodation

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How to book

The cost of this course is £1500 including access to all programmes materials, refreshments and lunch.

Payment should be made in full at the time of applying.

Registration for this course is now closed.

Please be aware that attendees will need to source their own accommodation for the duration of the course should they be travelling to attend. Onsite accommodation can be booked via Wivenhoe House Hotel or Event Essex. Alternatively, there are a range of local hotels nearby too.