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Musculoskeletal Research: Data collection and analysis


The details
Musculoskeletal Research: Data collection and analysis
15 credits
Level 7
13 January 2025

In this module you will explore theoretical and practical issues in relation to data collection and analysis with specific emphasis on research in the musculoskeletal specialism. You will acquire skills needed to plan mixed methods research and analyse data.

A defining feature of the module is that the research principles that are encountered will constantly be applied to real musculoskeletal clinical settings.

The majority of the resources you will need, and the learning activities you will undertake will be delivered online via 'Moodle'; this is essentially a way of providing a structured set of web pages, associated resources and tools for discussion.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module, the student will be able to:

  1. Design a simple mixed methods research study informed by knowledge and understanding of research theories and principles.
  2. Design appropriate qualitative and quantitative data collection tools that are compliant with appropriate ethical standards and governance requirements.
  3. Effectively utilise software to carry out either quantitative data or qualitative data analysis, justifying decisions and creating appropriate output/frameworks and generating conclusions commensurate with the data.
  4. Present work in a professional manner, competently expressed and edited and using language appropriate to the musculoskeletal professional discipline and required ethical standards. Use appropriate citation and referencing protocols ensuring that evidence presented is proportionate to the strength of claims made.

Learning and teaching methods

This module is delivered entirely by e-learning. The students are expected to dedicate the equivalent of one day a week in time to this module.

This module provides the opportunity to develop online learning skills in a supported environment, as it is recognised that students are not equally fluent in using social media and online research methods. The module is provided fully through an online learning platform utilising a variety of online teaching and learning methods to suit a range of student knowledge and competencies in both research and online learning.

The initial activities will be highly structured thus supporting confidence and competence in using online media, with increasing opportunities for you to manage, contribute and structure your engagement with the materials as the module progresses.

The module will be supported through access to a named tutor who will monitor your progress through the online programme and provide support as necessary.


Module Outline

This module will help you to develop rigorous data collection and analysis skills to support research in musculoskeletal medicine. You will be required to apply a rich understanding of the quantitative and qualitative paradigms and their contribution to mixed methods research.

Module Content

The module is organised into two topics. Each topic has a set of learning outcomes to help you focus your reading:

Topic 1 - Collecting Data for Quantitative and Qualitative Research (3 weeks)

  • To understand how to construct and use questionnaires
  • To know how to plan and carry out interviews (including focus groups)

Topic 2 - Analysing Qualitative and Quantitative Data (6 weeks)

  • To know how to analyse qualitative data using qualitative data analysis software
  • To know how to undertake quantitative data analysis using quantitative data analysis software.

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Assessment strategy

This module will be assessed by coursework, with a 100% rating.

Fees and funding

If you have any questions about the module fees please email

In the first instance approach your Education Liaison Manager to see if funding can be secured via the organisation you are working for.

What's next

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