Dr Marie Juanchich

Dr Marie Juanchich loves being a research supervisor. In fact, it is one of the favourite parts of her job.

A behavioural scientist from the Department of Psychology, Dr Juanchich takes a human-centred approach because she’s passionate about making a difference.

She operates an open-door policy – something she appreciated when she was studying – for which her students are grateful, and colleagues speak of her dedication to going above and beyond.

Marie recognises potential and encourages students to push themselves. She provides access to opportunities for them to advance their careers. And if the right opportunities aren’t there, she creates them. She hosts working lunches and seminars, puts students in touch with former colleagues at other universities, builds research communities and champions Open Science. Her students say her strong principles have led them to adopt the same ethics in their own work. 

Year on year, Marie is nominated for internal awards for best research supervisor and has repeatedly won the supervisor of the year category for her faculty.

She has contributed to the professional development of supervisors and students across the University. She has supported the creation of a professional development course on effectively managing the relationship between students and supervisors and has shared her good practice through video.

Marie has taken the best experiences from her own supervisors and mentors to develop into a worthy role model encouraging her own students to offer the same support and open-door policy to researchers of the future.  

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