Celebrating Excellence in Research and Impact Awards

Our 2020 winners

Best Research Impact by an Early Career Researcher

Faculty of Humanities:
  • Runners-up: Dr Kate Mahoney and Dr Daisy Payling, Department of History
    Project: Using the past to empower girls and women of the future
 Faculty of Science and Health
  • Runner-up: Dr Benjamin Jones, School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences
    Project: using near-infrared spectroscopy measurements to improve performance in elite athletes.

Best Research Impact in Enterprise and Innovation

  • Runner-up: Professor Klaus McDonald-Maier, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
    Project: developing technology to debug microchips and therefore improve the safety and reliability of electronic equipment used in everyday life.

Best Creative and Cultural Research Impact

  • Runner-up: Mr Nic Blower, Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies
    Project: LIFTED – a 60-minute documentary which tells the personal stories of three veterans and their families coping with severe Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Best International Research Impact

Runner-up: Professor Ismene Gizelis, Dr Florian Kern, Government Project: Using conflict research to improve women’s livelihoods in fragile states.

Best UK Public Policy Impact Winner:

  • Runners-up: Professor Peter Beresford, Dr Susan McPherson, Dr Ewen Speed, and Dr Danny Taggart, School of Health and Social Care Project: Democratising user involvement in health and social care.

Outstanding Early Career Researcher

Faculty of Humanities
  • Winner: Dr Christina Kapadocha, East 15
    Nominated for her the quality and variety of her research outputs and her leadership in developing understanding of practice-as-research.
  • Runner-up: Dr Joanna Rzepa, Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies
    Nominated for her outstanding contribution to research eligible for REF, including papers in leading journals.
Faculty of Science and Health
  • Winner: Dr Jinya Su, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
    Nominated for his outstanding publication record and for being an example of how a computer science academic can use his skills in areas of global significance.
  • Runner-up: Dr Veronica Lamarche, Department of Psychology
    Nominated for the exceptional quality of her research, valuable collaborations with colleagues and her commitment to public engagement and impact.
Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Winner: Dr Christoph Siemroth, Department of Economics
    Nominated for the exceptional quality and quantity of research outputs and funding.
  • Runner-up: Dr Carolyn Laubender, Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies
    Nominated for being a rising star with a remarkable track-record for research outputs.

Outstanding Interdisciplinary Research Joint Winners:

Research Champion

Faculty of Humanities
  • Winner: Professor Lucy Noakes, Department of History
    Nominated for her REF output, successful grant bids and for her outstanding leadership, providing guidance to early career academics and helping to raise the profile of the department.
Faculty of Science and Health
  • Winner: Professor Klaus McDonald-Maier, School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
    Nominated for his key role in flagship research projects, for establishing start-up companies based on his research – one of which was recently taken over by Siemens – and for the support and leadership he provides to colleagues.
  • Runner-up: Professor Paul Hibbard, Department of Psychology
    Nominated for this outstanding track record in delivering internationally-recognised research and for sharing his passion for science with both students and colleagues – supporting them to achieve their own success.
Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Winner: Professor Robert Taylor, Essex Business School
    Nominated for being a world leader in the field of econometrics, with over 100 research papers published in leading journals, for being instrumental in setting up international research collaborations and for his support and advice to colleagues. 
  • Runner-up: Professor Tobias Böhmelt, Department of Government
    Nominated for his world-leading research, published in top political science journals and for his key role in reviewing and improving the department’s PhD programmes.


The Conversation Awards

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The Conversation awards go to the writers of the best-read articles in the 12 months up to June 2020.

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