Research Project

Technology-enhanced learning in nursing education

Principal Investigator
Dr Timothy Goodchild

The purpose of this research is to offer a critical insight into the ubiquity of technology enhanced learning.

The use of technology in higher education is underpinned by a promise that technology will enhance teaching and learning despite questionable systematic evidence.

This raises questions of how this enhancement agenda persists, and of how technology has established a position of dominance within higher education. This orthodoxy is evident across a range of relevant actors, from commercial interests, universities, government, academics and technologists.

The research uses a critical logics approach, which problematises the competing interests of these different actors, exploring ways in which the social, political and fantasmatic practices between these actors contribute to the ubiquity and dominance of technology enhanced learning.


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Goodchild, T. and Speed, E., (2018). Technology enhanced learning as transformative innovation: a note on the enduring myth of TEL. Teaching in Higher Education, pp.1-16. DOI: 10.1080/13562517.2018.1518900