Research project

Public Health Intervention Standards Across the Continuum of Care and the Right to Health in the “War on Drugs” Context (Philippines)

About us

This project is part of the Human Rights Clinic Module (HU902) and is in partnership with the NoBox Transitions Foundation, Philippine Commission on Human Rights and University of the Philippines.

The prevailing drug control policy in the Philippines has emphasized a punitive platform, led by a punitive, law enforcement regime that emphasizes drug-related prosecution and incarceration, and has resulted in many human rights violations. At the same time, the attention to problematic drug use has led to an increased demand for drug rehabilitation.

The Clinic members will unpack the international human rights standards and obligations specific to the context of health services and interventions for people who use drugs or those with problematic drug use. They will use this to investigate key drug-related public health policies and laws currently in place in the Philippines in relation to the international human rights framework.

The project closes significant gaps in legal support and evidence, to inform government agencies, especially the Department of Health (“DOH”), on standard-setting and policy coherence for healthcare services catering to the needs of persons who use drugs or those with problematic drug use.

Project description