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Detention, Rights and Social Justice

About us

The Detention, Rights and Social Justice Programme is an interdisciplinary programme that aims to identify the parameters of legal and legitimate detention and the social forces that give shape to it. It also focuses on treatment in detention and seeks to develop an understanding of the experiences and lived reality of detainees.

The Programme works on all types of detention, including in prisons, pre-trial detention and administrative detention (security, immigration and on grounds of mental health) as well as groups in a position of vulnerability such as children and juveniles and persons with disabilities.

Recent activities include the Programme’s work on the review on the UN Standard Minimum Rules on the Treatment of Prisoners. The Programme has brought together a range of experts on detention who have met at Essex in 2012 and 2013 to produce an analysis on the ways in which the areas under consideration for revision could come into line with current international norms and standards.