Dr Martin Vaughan

Visiting Fellow
School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
Dr Martin Vaughan



Martin Vaughan is a theoretical and computational physicist, specializing in the semiconductor materials and devices. He is presently working on the Spin Space project, which seeks to exploit spin as a control parameter for information processing and optical communications in photonic applications.


  • PhD Semiconductor Physics University of Essex,

  • MSc Physics of laser communications University of Essex,

  • BSc (hons) Open University,

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Spin physics in low-dimensional semiconductors

Key words: Spin relaxation

First principles approaches to alloy scattering

Key words: First principles calculations

Band structure in highly mismatched semiconductor alloys

Key words: Band structure

Transport theory

Key words: Boltzmann transport equation

Laser dynamics

Key words: Mutual injection

Dynamics of spin VCSELS

Key words: VCSELs

THz devices

Key words: THz emitters


Journal articles (20)

Vaughan, M., Susanto, H., Henning, I. and Adams, MJ., The overlap factor model of evanescently-coupled, spin-polarised laser pairs. Journal of Optics

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Vaughan, MP., Quantum Information and the Mind-Body Problem

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Book chapters (2)

Vaughan, MP., (2012). Hot Electron Transport. In: Semiconductor Modeling Techniques. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. 71- 113. 9783642275111

Vaughan, MP. and Ridley, BK., (2008). The Hall Mobility in Dilute Nitrides. In: Dilute III-V Nitride Semiconductors and Material Systems. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. 255- 281. 9783540745280

Conferences (6)

Vaughan, MP., Murphy-Armando, F. and Fahy, S., (2011). Alloy scattering of substitutional carbon in silicon: A first principles approach

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