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Dr Patricia Lopez
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Research and professional activities

Current research

Systems analysis has identified points of limitation in the overall photosynthetic process. Some of these points are speculated to have resulted from rapid changes in environmental conditions like rising atmospheric CO2 and others to be evolutionary legacies. Currently my main focus is in this project is to aim to overcome these limitations by up-regulating the expression of specific protein and down-regulating the expression of others. To this end we are using Golden Gate technology to build multigene constructs that once stably transformed into the plant should alter the expression levels of our target genes generating phenotypes of increased photosynthesis and growth. Most of the work is currently based on tobacco, nevertheless; we are hoping to quickly move into species of agronomic interest like rice, cassava and soy bean.

Additionally, I have some lines of work looking at the importance of CP12 in higher plants and cyanobacteria.


Journal articles (11)

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Reports and Papers (1)

López-Calcagno, PE., Brown, KL., Simkin, AJ., Fisk, SJ., Lawson, T. and Raines, CA., (2020). Simultaneous stimulation of RuBP regeneration and electron transport increases productivity and water use efficiency under field conditions

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