Dr Danson Kimani

Visiting Fellow
Essex Business School
Dr Danson Kimani



Danson Kimani is a Visiting Fellow at the Essex Accounting Centre, Essex Business School. His research interests lie at the intersection of accounting and corporate governance. He studies “how”, and “why”, gaps arise between accounting/corporate governance regulations and their actual implementation. Some of his recent works have attempted to explain (i) what contributes to the waning of accountability in organisational settings, (ii) how corporate governance codes are implemented by practitioners, and (iii) more broadly the factors that influence accountability and corporate governance practices in various organisational settings (i.e., private, public and third sectors) and across countries. He is also presently researching how accounting can be mobilised, as an emancipatory tool, towards addressing various social and environmental problems, such as species loss and climate change-related threats (i.e., biodiversity accounting). In addition, Danson possesses considerable experience in collaborative projects and conducting international field research, with a variety of participants such as government officials, representatives of third sector organisations, and senior company executives. His recently completed and ongoing projects include: *Ongoing projects: ◉ Developing a National Code of Corporate Governance for Ghana (ESRC/University of Southampton IAA Impact Fund, 2021 – 2023). ◉ Achieving Net Zero Carbon Goals through Improved Stakeholder Engagement in Climate Action: Implementing Colchester Borough Council’s Blue and Green Infrastructure Strategy Focusing on Participatory Budgeting/Participatory Approach (Priority Challenges Project Fund, University of Essex, 2022). *Completed projects: ◉ Towards improving corporate governance practices within Kenyan State-Owned Corporations (SOCs): A collaborative project with the Institute of Certified Secretaries of Kenya (ESRC/University of Essex IAA Impact Fund, 2021 – 2022). ◉ Causes of Maternal Mortality in Botswana: An Exploratory Study (GCRF/University of Essex, 2020). Danson also has a pro bono advisory role in an Africa-based charity – The Grow Movement – that provides transferable skills to entrepreneurs in Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda (Read more about his work via: Outside of work, Danson enjoys playing squash and going to the gym, and occasionally challenging himself to a 10K run.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology,

  • Master of Banking and Finance (Financial Markets) Moi University,

  • Master of Research (Management and Business) The Open University,

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) Advance HE (Higher Education Academy),

  • Fellow of AIA - FAIA (Acad) Association of International Accountants (AIA),

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Accounting and Finance) The Open University,

Research and professional activities

Research interests

Corporate governance in emerging economies

Key words: Board efficiency; Codes of corporate governance; State-owned enterprises (SOEs)
Open to supervise

Tax accounting

Key words: Tax administration; Taxpayer attitudes; Tax literacy; Transfer pricing

Emerging technologies and innovations in accounting

Key words: Blockchain; Big data; Artificial intelligence; XBRL; Disruptive technologies
Open to supervise

Accounting for the environment

Key words: Biodiversity accounting; Extinction accounting; Social & Environmental accounting
Open to supervise

Public sector accounting and accountability

Key words: Public sector reforms; Government financial resilience


Journal articles (12)

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Book chapters (1)

Areneke, G., Khlif, W., Kimani, D. and Soobaroyen, T., (2022). Do corporate governance codes matter in Africa?. In: Handbook of Corporate Decision Making. Editors: Marnet, O., . Edward Elgar Publishing. 273- 301. 9781800377172

Reports and Papers (2)

Seymour, K., Kimani, D., Adhikari, P., Soobaroyen, T. and Jayasinghe, K., (2022). Co-producing a new Blue-and-Green Infrastructure Strategy for Colchester Borough: Key Findings from the River Colne Pilot

Kimani, D., Soobaroyen, T., Karanja, JN. and Kiprono, G., (2022). Report on the Implementation of Mwongozo Code of Governance for State-Owned Corporations in Kenya: Towards improving corporate governance practices within Kenyan State-Owned Corporations

Media (13)

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Causes of Maternal Mortality in Botswana: An Exploratory Study

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