Caryn Cook

Postgraduate Research Student
Department of Psychology
 Caryn Cook



  • BEng ACGI Civil Engineering Imperial College (1994)

  • MSc Psychology University of Essex (2018)

Research and professional activities


Longitudinal biomarkers of interoceptive sensitivity and anxiety behaviours in infancy

Supervisor: Dr Maria Laura Filippetti

Research interests

Measurement of interoceptive sensitivity in infants

Interoception, the flow of information between the visceral organs and the brain, relates to mental health and wellbeing in adulthood,. However, little is known of the developmental origins and trajectories of interoception early in life. Methods such as EEG can be used to observe interoceptive activity in response to a variety of stimuli, such as visual presentation of emotions.

Development of anxiety and anxiety disorders in childhood

What makes one child more or less likely than another to become anxious in a given situation? Identification and understanding of predisposition to, and predictors or precursors of, anxiety could one day facilitate earlier identification and intervention, further enabling both improved access to therapy and therapeutic outcomes.

Body positivity in childhood

Improved understanding of childhood attitudes to their own and others' bodies is fundamental in learning how best to promote body positivity during childhood.



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