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 Sophia Carbonero



Sophia joined the university in 2021 .Prior to this she has worked in primarily acute and forensic mental health sectors across the life spectrum in statutory and non-statutory contexts, at local to global levels. She has an independent psychological practice as an accredited BACP psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer delivering therapeutic interventions with associates. In the voluntary sector she has co-created psychological therapies service provision with varied communities s. Sophia has lectured on psychotherapy, forensic psychology and health science courses at other UK universities. Specific teaching and research interests encompass: Societal constructions of mental health and emerging diagnostic paradigms. Screening and assessment tools in mental health. Lived experience expertise in research and services. Self-reflexivity , philosophy and practice. Digital innovation in healthcare and psychological provision: Implications of digital technology and artificial intelligence for human relationships, identity and healthcare/therapeutic provision. Digital competencies for future healthcare/psychological provision. Climate, society and health Climate impacts on healthcare and extreme medicine delivery .


University of Essex

  • CPD lead mental health nursing, Mental health nursing, University of Essex (1/8/2023 - present)

Teaching and supervision

Current teaching responsibilities

  • Person-Centred Care 1 (HS184)

  • Relationship Based Practice (HS188)

  • The Therapeutic Practitioner (HS189)

  • Person-Centred Care 3 (Adult Nursing) (HS196)

  • Person-Centred Care 3 (HS228)

  • The Therapeutic Practitioner (HS245)

  • Person-Centred Care 3 (Adult Nursing) (HS247)

  • Person-Centred Care 3 (Mental Health Nursing) (HS285)

  • The Autonomous Practitioner (HS287)



Colchester Campus