Maurice Abbott

Essex Pathways
EAP/Academic Skills Tutor
Academic Section - Talent Development Centre
 Maurice Abbott

Teaching and supervision

  • Professional Practice and Research Methodology (CE902)

  • Research and Academic Development Skills and English Language (IA190)

  • Research and Academic Development Skills (IA191)

  • English for Academic Purposes (IA931)

  • Advanced English for Academic Purposes (IA932)

  • Extended English for Academic Purposes Project (IA933)

  • Origins and Transformations in Literature and Drama (LT111)

  • Legal Skills (LW105)

  • Current Issues in Public Law (LW209)

  • The Sociological Imagination (SC111)

  • PhD Language Support (SK038)

  • Advanced English and Academic Skills for Social Science and Humanities (SK320)

+44 (0) 1206 872612/3604


4.108, Colchester Campus